Book reviews, essays & other

Book reviews

  • Book Review (2022): “David W. Johnson, Watsuji on Nature: Japanese Philosophy in the Wake of Heidegger, 2019”. The Journal of Japanese Philosophy. Volume 8, 129-134. 10.1353/jjp.2022.0001  
  • Book review (2022): “Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, Madalina Diaconu (eds.), Environmental Ethics: Cross-cultural Explorations, Verlag Karl Alber, Freiburg/München, 2020”. The Trumpeter, Vol. 37, N.1.

Short essays in Japanese

  • Droz, L. 2018, 日本人の環境意識 ,  ひろば京都の教育No.193, pp. 42-43. Short essay on environmental awareness in Japan, published in a local Kyoto newspaper.
  • Droz, L. 2018, 日本のNPOのためのソーシャルメディア利用法, Green Action Newsletter (2), pp. 4-5. Short essay providing tips on social media management for Japanese environmental NGOs.

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