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  • Droz, L. 2021, “Challenging harmony to save nature? Environmental activism and ethics in Taiwan and Japan”. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. Vol. 10 No. 1. Open access

  • Rupprecht, C., Vervoort, J., Berthelsen, C., Mangnus, A., Osborne, N., Thompson, K., A. Y.F. Urushima, M. Kovskaya, M. Spiegelberg, S. Cristiano, J. Springett, B. Marschütz, E. J. Flies, S. R. McGreevy, L. Droz, M. F. Breed, J. Gan, R. Shinkai, Kawai, A. 2020. Multispecies sustainability. Global Sustainability, 3, E34 (December 2020). DOI: 10.1017/sus.2020.28, open access.

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  • Droz, L. 2019, Redefining Sustainability: From Self-determination to Environmental Autonomy, In Philosophies, 4(3), 42, MDPI Journal (open-access). Download the pdf
  • Droz, L. 2018, Cross-cultural Environmental Ethics and Activism in Japan and Taiwan, Proceedings of the International Conference on Multicultural Democracy, May 10th– 13th 2018, Fukuoka, Japan, pp.281-292.


  • Laÿna Droz, The Concept of Milieu in Environmental Ethics, Individual Responsibility within an Interconnected World, Routledge. Click for more on my book

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